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Oversized Haulage company UK, Poland

Transporting large loads is a complicated logistics process, especially in the case of oversize transport. This type of transport requires detailed knowledge of statutory regulations, appropriate permits, employment of properly trained staff and constant cooperation with other entities. It is worth noting that not every large load falls into the oversize category. It is worth knowing that international oversized and domestic transport is primarily a logistics undertaking that requires work and money. What is oversize transport? How to organize it? What permits are necessary to Oversized Haulage company UK? We invite you to read!

What is Oversized Haulage company UK?
If you are wondering what Oversized Haulage company UK is, it’s time to answer. Oversized transport is also called non-standard transport. It is the transport of cargo that, together with the vehicle, dimensions or weight, exceeds the permissible values specified in road traffic regulations. In short – it is transporting a load in one part (indivisible load) on a semi-trailer whose dimensions together with the set exceed: 16.5 m in length, 4 m in height and 2.5 m in width or a load whose weight together with the weight of the set exceeds 42 tons, using public roads. Oversized Haulage company UK – in our offer!